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Music Cognition and Music Psychology Labs

Visit our map of Music Cognition and Music Psychology Labs: Sites included on this map belong to SMPC members who have provided location information on their labs.

> Green Guitar icons indicate labs with associated graduate programs in music
> Blue Brain icons indicate labs with associated graduate programs in psychology/neuroscience
> Purple Laptop icons indicate labs with associated graduate programs in electrical engineering / computer science
> Orange Microphone icons indicate labs with associated graduate programs in music and engineering/computer science
> Red Music Note notes indicate labs with associated graduate programs in music and psychology/neuroscience
> Brown Speech icons indicate labs with associated graduate programs in speech language/communication science disorders 
> Yellow Mortar icons indicate labs without associated graduate programs
> Grey markers indicate labs of retired members


Academic Programs and Jobs

SMPC Academic Programs Page

Undergraduate and PhD information and resources

SMPC Internships, Post-Docs, and Jobs Page

Post-doc and job postings, job search and mentoring resources


Research Resources

Research Centers

• Amsterdam, Netherlands: Music Cognition Group at University of Amsterdam
• California, USA: Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities at Stanford University
• Connecticut, USA: Haskins Laboratories
• Connecticut, USA: Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science (IBACS) at the University of Connecticut
• Frankfurt, Germany: Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
• Hamilton, Canada: LIVELab and Institute for Music & the Mind (MIMM) at McMaster University
• Marseille, France: PRISM Laboratory at Aix-Marseille University
• New York, USA: Max Planck Center for Language, Music, and Emotion (CLAME) at New York University
• Montreal, Canada: International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research (BRAMS) at University of Montreal and McGill University, Canada
• Oslo, Norway: RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion at the University of Oslo 
• Paris, France: Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) at Centre Pompidou

Calls for Research

See our Events page for conference calls 

Open Source Repositories 

SMPC 2019: Repository from Open Science Symposium
March 2021: Future Directions of Music Cognition March Conference OSF Repository

Periodical Special Issues

Topically Related Journals

*Denotes Open Access Journal; § Denotes Journal with Open Access option available (usually for a fee)

• § Computer Music Journal 
• * Empirical Musicology Review
• * Epistemus (official organ of SACCOM; published in Spanish/Portuguese/English)
* EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing
§ Journal of Mathematics and Music
§ Journal of Music Therapy
§ Journal of New Music Research
§ Music Education Research
• Music Perception
§ Musicae Scientiae (official organ of ESCOM; published in English/German/French)
• * Music & Science
§ Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
§ Psychology of Music
§ Psychomusicology (ending publication in December 2023)
• * Music Performance Research
• * Yearbook for Music Psychology (published in German/English)


Teaching Resources

• Syllabi: View our list of music cognition syllabi, provided by SMPC members and nonmembers who teach courses on music cognition and who responded to our request for course syllabi in early 2011.
The syllabi are based on recently-offered courses. To determine when a course will be taught next, please contact the instructor directly (SMPC does not have this information).


Related Societies and Organizations


International Computer Music Association (ICMA)
• International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SYSMUS) 
International Musicology Society - Digital Musicology Group
• International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR)
Sound and Music Computing Network (SMC) 
Timing Research Forum (TRF)


APSCOM: Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

Regional Societies: 
• AMPS: Australian Music & Psychology Society
• CSMP: Chinese Society for Music Psychology
• JSMPC: Japanese Society for Music Perception and Cognition (English website)
• KSMPC: Korean Society for Music Perception and Cognition


ESCOM: European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

Regional Societies:
• AEPMIM: Asociación Española de Psicología de la Música y la Interpretación Musical - Spanish Association for Psychology of Music and Music Performance  (English website)
• CIPEM (Portugal): Centro de Investigação em Psicologia da Música e Educação Musical (English)
• DGM: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie - German Society for Music Psychology (English website)
• RNPaM (The Balkans): Regional Network Psychology and Music
• SEMPRE (UK): Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research

North America

SMPC: Society for Music Perception and Cognition

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)
Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, & the Arts (American Psychology Association - Division 10)
• Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM): Cognitive Ethnomusicology Special Interest Group
• Society for Music Theory (SMT): Music Cognition Interest Group, Music Informatics Interest Group

Regional Societies:
• NEMCOG: New England Music Cognition Group

South America 

Regional Societies: 
• ABCM: Associação Brasileira de Cognição e Artes Musicais - Brazilian Association of Cognition and Musical Arts
• CMEC: Brazilian Computing Society - Computer Music Interest Group
• LATAM NIME: Latin American NIME Research Network 
• SACCOM: Sociedad Argentina para las Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música - Argentine Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music


Related Conferences

Events page: up-to-date conference and call-for-papers announcements

International Conferences (held at various international locations)

International Conference for Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) - Biennial, staggered with SMPC (July/August)

Congreso Iberoamericano de Psicología de la Música y Cognición Musical
Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research Conference (CMMR) - Biennial
Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM) - Annual
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing - Annual
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) - Annual
• International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) - Annual (September)
The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) - Annual
International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SYSMUS) - Annual (September/October)
• International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) - Annual (November)
International Symposium on Performance Science - Biennial
The Neurosciences and Music - Annual (June)
Rhythm, Production, & Perception Workshop (RRPW) - Annual (June)
Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) - Annual (June/July)
Ubiquitous Music Workshop (UbiMus) - Annual (September)

North America

Acoustical Society of America Meeting (ASA) - Biannual (May and December)
• New England Music Cognition Group (NEMCOG)
• New England Sequencing and Timing (NEST) - Annual (University of Connecticut; March/April)
IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA) - Biennial (NY, USA; October)

South/Central America

• Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music - Biennial (Brazil)
Encuentro de Ciencias Cognitivas de la Música - Biennial (Argentina)
• The Meetings of Cognition and Musical Arts (ENCAM) - Biennial (Brazil)
Simpósio Internacional de Cognição e Artes Musicais (ANAIS) - Biennial (Brazil)


European Society for the Cognitive Science of Music (ESCOM) - Biennial, staggered with ICMPC (July/August)


Related Websites, Blogs, and Multimedia

• BBC programs about music and the mind: - an online resource and email list for the discussion of organizational aspects of auditory perception. Created in 1992 by Professor Albert S Bregman (McGill University Department of Psychology). Currently maintained by Dan Ellis.
• Music Matters: A Blog on Music Cognition - Henkjan Honing
• Music Psychology Blog: Victoria Williamson
• Music Therapy Research Blog
• The Art of the Score: The Mind, Music and Moving Images - Exploring the intersection of music cognition and filmmaking, including a conversation between Ani Patel and the Coen Brothers