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We hope you'll enjoy the following videos, podcasts and radio interviews which explore ideas in the field of music cognition and perception. If you have suggestions for additional content that may be of interest to our community, please contact the SMPC webmaster.

You can also visit the SMPC youtube channel, which hosts additional videos related to music perception and cognition.


Milestones in Music Cognition Symposium - Talks from the 25th anniversary celebration of books by Al Bregman, Carol Krumhansl and Gene Narmour, held at McGill University in July 2014.

Music and the Brain: The SMART Lab - Music and Mood Regulation

Why are so many people bad singers yet good talkers (or are they)? (Speaker: Peter Pfordresher)

Your Brain on Improv (Speaker: Charles Limb)


Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Library of Congress, Music and the Brain podcasts - 17 interviews of speakers in a 2008-2010 lecture series on Music and the Brain